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Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability Management Course Summary

In Vulnerability Management comprehensive course, students will become familiar with the challenges many organisations face through network and infrastructure vulnerabilities.  You will develop skills needed to conduct high-value vulnerability assessments with measure impact. We explore the elemental components of successful vulnerability assessment program.

In the world of Information Security, the job of a Vulnerability assessor has evolved quickly into what it is today, one of the first lines of defence against cyber criminals. With online adversaries forever probing the IT defences of organisations, vulnerability assessment has become a vitally important and necessary task. To help meet this challenge, many Vulnerability Assessment Courses have sprung up across the globe.

The course will enable students to understand known systems and network vulnerabilities and learn how to identify, prioritize, and remediate security problems.

Students may expect to develop strong command of creating and interpreting reports, configuring scanners, detecting origin of exposure, and following the steps to ensure network integrity by the end of this detailed course. You will learn how to develop actionable vulnerability remediation plan

 Vulnerability Management Learning outcomes

  • Detecting – and responding to – vulnerabilities
  • Minimizing exposure to probable breaches
  • Identifying network security issues by configuring vulnerability scanners
  • Analysing scanner reports, examine findings, and prioritize remedies
  • Production of reports on vulnerabilities and exploits in a system
  • Developing an actionable vulnerability remediation plan
  • Interpreting report and vulnerability findings to different stakeholders
  • Establishing vulnerability management strategy

 Ideal candidates

  • SOC Analysts
  • Cyber Security Analysts
  • IT Security Analysts
  • Vulnerability Management Analysts
  • Vulnerability Engineers

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