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Course Summary

A red team assessment is a goal-based adversarial activity that requires a big-picture, holistic view of the organization from the perspective of an adversary.

In this training, students will attain adequate skill necessary to use open- source tools used by real world attackers and fine-tune them to fit an organization’s specific needs. Learners will also develop the ability to think like an attacker and creatively use native, built-in tools to accomplish goals while avoiding detection.

In addition, students will understand how to simulate a cyber-attack by mimicking real-world threat actors. And the ability to escalate privileges and abuse web applications by bypassing advanced network segmentation and multi-factor authentication.

The course modules will provide learners with the methodology for developing threat intelligence to conduct a systematic, repeatable, consistent, and comprehensive way to conduct Physical Red Team Operations / End to end Penetration Testing.

 Learning Outcome

On completion of this course, students should be able:

  • To know how to conduct physical security attacks (i.e. lock picking, evasion, diversions, physical pre-texting) against surrounding and cooperating offices and/or buildings.
  • To identify and compromise a target with custom-crafted payloads while bypassing antivirus (AV) detection
  • To attain the required skills to deploy creative tactics to maintain access to any compromised machine
  • To identify specific target related threat actors, threat motives, tools and exploitation methods
  • To understand how threat actors identifies and leverages the lowest-level user privileges to gain higher, administrative privileges and move laterally within a network while avoiding security alerts
  • To learn how to avoid and bypass various challenges such as application whitelisting, encryption, multi-factor authentication, sandboxes and more
  • To learn how to exfiltrate data from “secure” networks undetected, without triggering firewalls or generating alerts
  • To understand how to Identify the goals and challenges of managing a red team operation, including risk measurement and reporting

Who Should Take this Course?

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • SOC Analyst
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Threat Hunter
  • Cyber Security –Incident Response
  • Penetration Tester
  • IT Vulnerability Analysts and Managers

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