NAC: Risk Management Framework

NAC: Risk Management Framework

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NAC: Risk Management Framework Course Summary

NAC: Risk Management Framework (Network Access Control (NAC))   course will equip you with the skills to track live attacks with protocol analyzer, apply risk management techniques to breach security and measure the performance of network security tools and recommend steps for improvement.

NAC: Risk Management Framework Course: One of the major security issues in establishing the tenets of information security is the ineffective access management and network vulnerable to threats.

Moreover, the course is designed with live scenario to help you discover how to perform risk assessment and how to implement access control with regards to roles and responsibilities.

NAC: Risk Management Framework Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to manage security control systems and protect critical assets
  • Understand how to measure the performance of security tools against threshold
  • Discover how to identify, assess and analyse risk and vulnerabilities
  • Know how to manage access and privilege based on roles and responsibilities
  • How to manage accessibility and security controls in a network

Who Should Take this Course?

  • Network Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Risk Analyst
  • System & Network Engineer

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