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Enterprise Security Architect

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Enterprise Security Architect Course Summary

Enterprise Security Architect course provides a deep understanding of security architecture with regards to its associated technologies and how it supports business objectives. It is designed to equip learners with security architecture knowledge and skills to identify and effectively manage risk associated with information and to protect the enterprise.

Students will a thorough understanding of the various approaches, principles, frameworks and tools used to model security architecture and the specific security controls around data centres, networks, host devices, storage and more in compliance with standards. Upon completion, you’ll have a thorough understanding of security architecture principles that you can carry over to your next role or project.

Enterprise Security Architect Learning Outcome

On completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and assess business risks associated with information and information technology.
  • Understand how to communicate risk.
  • Secure design principles and best practices
  • Describe the key information security concerns of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Identify and analyse keys attribute of information systems architectures, including networking, operating systems, and applications.
  • Describe how security fits with the architecture and systems development methodologies
  • Aligning security architecture with business objectives and activities
  • Discover the connection between information systems security and privacy
  • Comprehend the information systems security standards landscape.
  • Define assurance and understand the role of assurance in information systems security.

Who Should Take this Course?

  • System architects
  • Chief information security officers
  • System and network designers
  • Business analysts
  • Cybersecurity consultants
  • Anyone with a desire to build their security architecture skills

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