Cyber Security Strategic Planning

Cybersecurity Strategic Planning

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The Cybersecurity Strategic Planning, Policy & Leadership Course Summary

The Cybersecurity Strategic Planning, Policy & Leadership course is designed with the intention of equipping technically oriented people with management knowledge. It brings together strategic thinking and technology capabilities to support management decision making.

The course layer strategy and decision-making models of technical processes in order to help organisations strategically deploy their capabilities to achieve competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business environment. It is highly recommended for technically inclined team leaders who are currently aspiring for Management roles within the technology space.

The Cybersecurity Strategic Planning, Policy & Leadership course Learning Outcome

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Develop security strategic plans that incorporate business and organizational drivers
  • Develop and assess information security policy
  • Use management and leadership techniques to motivate and inspire your teams
  • Translate business goals and regulatory requirements into necessary Information Technology security responsibilities.
  • Develop security strategies to meet business goals and objectives.
  • Translate regulatory security policies into achievable security initiatives.
  • Create a series of custom security policies applicable to specific business and regulatory environments and explain the importance of the policies in achieving the necessary goals of the stated organizations.
  • Strategically identify and assign key management roles and responsibilities in I.T. security.
  • Assess and analyse control policies for creating a secure managed environment

 Who Should Take this Course?

  • Cybersecurity Manager
  • CISO
  • CIRO

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