Cyber Security Risk Management

Cyber Security Risk Management

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Cyber Security Risk Management Summary

Cyber Security Risk Management course is designed to provide students with the practical skills and knowledge to successfully perform risk assessments for their organisation. Students will learn about the various types of cyber security threats a business organization faces and how to assess the risks using different risk management framework.
With this training, students will become specialized resources who know the various steps required to develop a robust risk management strategy. They will become professionals whom their employers rely on for analyzing and prioritize risks.

Today’s businesses are under siege day and night, from a threat which lies in the shadows of their IT networks and supply chains. Cyber-attacks have become one of the biggest threats for modern organisations. Creating an effective cyber risk strategy to mitigate the risk of cybercrime is the only way to ensure your survival, but cyber security management can be complex and costly. With so many standards, best practices and technical controls to choose from, how do you get started on your plan?

Cyber Security Risk Management Learning Outcomes

  • You will learn Information security risk management framework and methodologies
  • Implement standards-based, proven methodologies for assessing and managing the risks to your organisation’s information systems
  • You will learn to perform a risk assessment
  • You will learn how to articulate information security risks as business consequences
  • You will learn to select and implement security controls that ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and directives
  • You will learn to Inventory an organization’s most critical information assets
  • You will learn to assign a data owner and custodian to an information asset
  • You will learn to how assign classification values to critical information assets
  • You will learn to prioritize risk remediation efforts as a result of performing a risk assessment
  • You will learn to evaluate risk management models for use in their own organization

Ideal Candidates

  • Senior directors who requires cyber security knowledge
  • IT managers responsible for delivering CSRM
  • Vulnerability management analyst responsible carrying vulnerability scan
  • Cyber Security Managers accountable for systems & network vulnerability
  • System owner or anyone aspiring to learn this course

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